Terms & Conditions

* Sin Cal Hydrographics will give you an estimate via e-mail. If e-mail is not available, it will be communicated by telephone or hand written at the time of measurement. (Shipping and Handling charges will be additional). Please note that an estimate is the approximate amount of time and material to complete a job. If an item being dipped has unusual size, shape, damages, scratches, etc. the estimate can vary once the product is received and stripped for prep. Also if a special order film pattern and or base coat has been chosen, the estimate may fluctuate based on shipping and material costs. We will communicate these price adjustments prior to completing any more work. Currently our shop does not have an order Minimum. 

Guns/Bows:   (Note: All items will be fully submersed under water)
* All firearms and bows must be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned prior to delivery to our shop. If the items have been vinyl wrapped in the past we ask that all residue be removed as well. Should we have to dismantle and clean these parts you will be charged $60.00 per hour with a minimum of one hour and we will not re- assemble any of the parts. We only want the parts that are going to be dipped.  It will also be the owners responsibility to thoroughly clean and oil your parts right away to prevent rust.

Lead Time:
* Our shop runs on the average of 1-2 weeks in house turn around. This may vary depending on the shape and condition of the product and materials chosen for this piece. This 1-2 week turn around does not include shipping days. You will need to check with UPS, Fedex, or USPS to see how long it takes to get to and from your address.

* Sin Cal Hydrographics will warranty all work on finishes for 6 months. This will cover any peeling of the basecoat and clear coat. Typical working parts that will be handled over and over will wear and will not be covered under warranty. Our warranty will NOT cover any damages due to improper care of negligence on the customer’s behalf.
* Note: All items must be allowed 3-4 weeks for curing before it can be fully used. If the item is not allowed this time it will void all warranty.

* Sin Cal Hydrographics will require a 50% deposit up front for all orders being processed through our shop. The remaining 50% will be collected at the time of pick-up or prior to shipping. Shipping and Handling charges will be the clients responsibility and will be added to your final invoice. Should you not be fully satisfied with our work on your piece we will do our best to make sure that this issue is resolved in a professional manner.

Imperfections and Seams:
* Some film choices or part configurations will require seams of areas that will remain unprinted or will not line up.
* Hydrographics is a man made image dipped on an object, at times there may be the inability to get certain films to fully wrap an object with out the stretching or distorting the film.
* Painting is a man controlled process; at times particles in the air can be a problem with little particles landing on your fresh paint or mixing in while painting causing a little bump that can sometimes be noticeable.
With the possibilities of imperfections and seams, we want you to know that we will treat each piece as if it were our own, and in certain circumstances is doesn’t make good sense to fully strip a piece and start over.

30 day policy:
* Any product left at Sin Cal Hydrographics shop with unpaid status after 30 days will become property of Sin Cal Hydrographics.