All Pricing does not include any Dis-Assembly

Additional fees will apply if Dis-Assembly is required 

Customers can get a rough estimate of prices by multiplying  height x length and then multiple that by $0.50. (does not include firearms, archery and paintball guns or equipment)

Final prices will be discussed at time of order.

 Shop Minimum- $125.00


All firearms have to be Disassembled with firing pins removed.  We will not work with any firearms that are not taken apart!

Paint Ball 

Mask-70.00 and up

Hopper -70.00 and up

Air tank - 70 -120 and up (depending on style)

Complete Paint Ball Gun with Hopper & Tank - 200-250 and up (depending on style)

Barrel- 60.00 and up 

Paint Ball Gun Only-125 and up

Paint or Powder Coated Parts- Additional 40.00 Prep Charge